Music 7271 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers

Music 7271 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers, Question Papers (QP), Marking Schemes (MS), Grade Threshold, Syllabus, Notes & Examiner Reports


Music 7271 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers can be found below. We’re confident you’ll find our new AS and A-level Music specifications inspiring, interesting and practical to teach.

Our new qualifications will motivate and stretch students of all abilities, equipping them with the skills and experience to succeed and go on to further study. Music technology is fully integrated, and many areas of study have artists or composers who have written works in this format. Students can perform and compose using technology.

Our specification and assessments have been designed to the highest standards, so that teachers, students and their parents can be confident that an AQA award provides an accurate measure of students’ achievements.

The flexibility of the previous specification has been retained so that students can focus on an area of personal interest and you can create courses which play to your school or college’s strengths.

The specification supports progression to higher education in music and related subjects, as well as providing all students with a platform to inspire a lifelong interest and enjoyment of music.

It also offers logical progression from GCSE as the assessment objectives, structure and titles are very similar to those specified in the AQA GCSE Music specification.

Our specifications appreciate all styles and genres, skills and instruments, catering for different learning styles and musical tastes. offers a wide range of free to use past exam papers, notes, pastpapers and other resources such as question practice papers as well as marking schemes of Music (7271) and other AQA tests to ensure you are always ready for that next exam of yours! Download AQA Pastpapers for AS and A Levels including Music (7271) & many such more, which are always up to date!

Music is constantly evolving, inspiring creativity and expression in a way that no other subject can. That’s why we have designed a relevant and contemporary A-level qualification that offers your students the chance to study a wide range of musical genres. Our A-level brings listening, performance and composition to life in new and engaging ways, and links to the world around us like never before.

We know that every student has different learning styles and musical tastes, which is why our A-level values all music styles, skills and instruments. Broaden your students’ minds and foster a love of all music with a qualification that students of all abilities and backgrounds will enjoy.


Music 7271 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers
AQA Pastpapers, Question Papers, Exam Papers, Mark Schemes, Syllabus, Results, Grade Thresholds














Component 1_ Specimen mark scheme.PDF
Component 1_ Specimen question paper.PDF
Component 3_ Specimen question paper.PDF


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