Geography 7036 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers

Geography 7036 AS A Levels AQA, Question Papers (QP), Marking Schemes (MS), Grade Threshold, Syllabus, Notes & Examiner Reports


Geography 7036 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers ca be found below. offers a wide range of free to use past exam papers, notes, pastpapers and other resources such as question practice papers as well as marking schemes of Geography (7037) and other AQA tests to ensure you are always ready for that next exam of yours! Download AQA Pastpapers for AS and A Levels including Geography (7037) & many such more, which are always up to date!

Our new specification will excite your students’ minds, challenge perceptions and stimulate their investigative and analytical skills.

Whilst new units have been added to reflect the world today, you’ll see it’s retained much of the topics you and your students enjoy.

We created it with help of experienced teachers, so we’re confident you’ll find it practical to teach too. Content enables you to teach AS simultaneously with the first year of A-level, allowing for maximum flexibility in lesson timetabling and teaching resources.

We want to make the transition to this new qualification as smooth for you as possible, so we’ve created a number of resources. These include clear and inspiring schemes of work, lesson plans and a toolkit designed to help you with the new fieldwork requirements.

All of this will help you provide your students with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm sought by higher education and employers. If you have any queries or concerns, our subject experts are just an email or phone call away

You’ll see that whilst we’ve added new regulatory content, we’ve worked hard to ensure our new AS Geography qualification:

  • is flexible and familiar
  • is enjoyable and rewarding
  • is relevant and topical
  • prepares your students for higher education and employment.

We’re also creating free resources to help you plan, teach and assess the new qualification to your students.


Geography 7036 AS A Levels AQA Pastpapers
AQA Pastpapers, Question Papers, Exam Papers, Mark Schemes, Syllabus, Results, Grade Thresholds









Paper 1_ Specimen mark scheme.PDF
Paper 1_ Specimen question paper.PDF
Paper 2_ Specimen mark scheme.PDF
Paper 2_ Specimen question paper.PDF



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